Love’s Labours {Day} {Not Exactly} Lost


Lomonosov “Golden Bird” tea set {photo by Trixie}

It is Labor Day Weekend in the USA, starting, hmm, right now. It seems odd to me to call a weekend by a single day’s name, but this is America, where such Stuff is normal. So we have arrived at the official, if not the seasonal, End of Summer. Has your Summer gone as you hoped? We certainly hope so. If not, put the kettle on and we’ll all have tea — whether or not your name is Polly — because Tea Helps.

Yes! Tea does help — if you feel blue, or perhaps green, even if you are in the pink, tea can wash your insides with deliciousness and bring unto you a sense of harmony. Leaves in water! Endless possibility! It never ceases to amaze.

Have a beautiful weekend!
xo, Dustin {and Trixie,waving from the next room}


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