Learning Curve {as with tea, so with weblogs}


Na Liko Tea, Summer 2014 {photo by Trixie}

Shall I ever retrieve the first two posts, which now seem to have vanished into thin (or thick) air? Time will tell. In the meanwhile, there is Tea. Thank goodness for tea — soother of spirits, slaker of thirsts, and impetus for the creation of teaware. I love a good cup of tea, no matter the vessel (unless of course the vessel leaks, in which case fuggeddaboudit because the tea will leak out before I can taste it), but a lovely vessel, well… that just makes everything more lovely.

In the picture here you can see my first tasting experiment of a beautiful über-micro-processed tea from Hawai’i. At the time I took this picture I was, admittedly, a little tea-drunk {official term!}, filled to the exquisite brim with the Vital Life Force that is found in lovingly-made fresh tea. This particular lovingly-made tea is from Na Liko Tea of Kawai, Hawai’i, whose founder, farmer, and finished-tea-crafter Liam Ball puts every bit of Aloha and soul into his young enterprise. In future posts I shall show & tell you more about Liam and his teas; for today, as I untangle the interweb I have just made, let it suffice to say that this fellow is one of our brightest hopes for the future of US-grown tea.

Liam says he is only now learning how to do things, yet from my first tastings of two of his teas it seems to me he is quite assuredly in the groove already. I mention this because today I feel as if I am a mere babe in the cyberwoods, but hopefully soon we will all think that I know what I am doing. Evidently we are all, as the Poet may have said at some time, on the path together.

It is an honor to be path-ing here with you. Please stay tuned…
With tea-stained love,
xo Trixie 

postscript: I found the August posts!! yay. Time for tea! ~ t.


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