Season’s Turning

Trixie & Dustin's tea table {photo by Trixie}

Trixie & Dustin’s tea table {photo by Trixie}

Can you feel it? The weather is sending clear signals of change — Indian Summer in California; snow in Alberta, Canada; floods in Arizona; everything in between everywhere else… Summer is waning, Autumn approaches — in the Southern Hemisphere, of course, it is t’other way ’round as Winter morphs into Spring. Seasons change, and thank Providence for tea.

Tea is so magnificent, so wholly obliging and accommodating, that no matter the weather you can make a refreshing vessel of tea that will cool, warm, settle, or energize you (unless every manner of tea-making has been obliterated by the weather itself, in which case… we are so very sorry). Every hour of every day, you can have tea in a different way, a different vessel, with different companions, in different surroundings (internal or external surroundings — even if bed-bound one can travel inside the mind, huzzah). We have not found an end, nor even a diminution, to the ways in which we can enjoy tea. What a cheering thought!

Dustin and I never tire of Solo Tea — we spend so much time together these days that the occasional solitary teatime remains novel and intriguing — but something magical happens when we drink tea together… even Dustin’s sizable vocab doesn’t contain a word that accurately describes the wonderful feeling that inevitably envelops Tea Together. I can almost see it, almost touch it; but no, it ultimately eludes my grasp and vision. No matter! We are sharing tea and the world with its woes can disappear, we wouldn’t notice for a while. Do you know this feeling?

A full meal shared with a friend is like this, too, of course, but somehow when we sit together in the closer circle of our tea table, rubbing elbows while reaching for a piece of cake or when filling each other’s cups, the feeling of camaraderie is magnified, almost in inverse proportion to the size of our setup. After a cup or two, when the vital life force in tea courses through our veins, the Camaraderie Quotient can get so high that gleeful mayhem sometimes ensues — all good fun, nothing untoward… in those moments we often long for a neighbor to stroll by so that we can pour another cup and hand a plate full of Yums to someone we love. Do you know this feeling?

When in the full cocoon of the vital life force of tea, conversations of depth and magnitude begin as if on cue, as if by stage direction. The high Camaraderie Quotient ensures that we can discuss even distinctly differing viewpoints with equanimity and bonhomie. We often comment that tea needs to be shared by diplomats and negotiators, to better smooth the world’s wrinkles and woes. Do you know this feeling?

I bet that you do. Wishing you some fabulous, warming, cooling, calming, invigorating Together Teas in the weeks ahead,
xo, Trixie


2 thoughts on “Season’s Turning

  1. Lovely! Tea is also balm at particularly difficult times. I recall the Irish aunts making tea in our kitchen at just such a time… :) (Beautifully written, dear.)


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